New Releases for 2022

The Tibbar

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Between video games, school, young love, and mischievous actions, the teens haven’t given any thought to the tall, shadowy monster that lurks in their woods. But with Easter quickly approaching, many begin to spot the legendary creature that has been known to absorb the West Virginia town’s bullies over the last several years. Some go on about their naughty deeds and mock those overtaken with great fear of the thought that they could be next.

When one member of their close-knit group disappears, the remaining four start digging for answers. The creepy history of the small town of Coalsmouth begins to surface. Could the deaths of Mr. Adams and his son, Joey, have anything to do with the appearance of the Tibbar? However, it may be something relating to the ancient Native American Chief’s powers and his curse on the Coal River. But wait! If the Tibbar only snatches teen bullies, then whatever happened to Mrs. Adams?

Will the sweet, old lady, Della have any insights to help the kids find their friend and defeat the Tibbar once and for all? And what the heck is a pooka, a Celtic relic, in addition to all of those strange herbs?  

Can their pal be rescued? Will the Tibbar return? Is it possible for the town’s Easterfest to go off without a hitch? 

Baby Gen

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With rave reviews of self-worth from West Virginia to California, Baby Gen is a children’s book of poems and illustrations for all women to enjoy. Dedicated to one child, it honors the living women of five generations of one Appalachian family. Behind the poetic beauty of each woman are tales of their strength, love, determination, and faith. 
A must-have for girls and women of all ages. 

“This is a beautiful book. Through its poetry, it celebrates the life of strong and loving women as they encourage and nurture the feeling of self-worth in younger generations of their family. It is a gift to all who read it, especially young girls whose self-worth is challenged daily in our world.”

Melanie Kinnaman – L.A. California

Appalachian Cryptid-Tales

This sneak peek booklet was created in celebration of the

1st West Virginia Paranormal Tourism Convention held in Beckley, WV, on April 9, 2022

in addition to introducing the upcoming extended version of the book publication TBA.

Due to these being a limited edition – they are only available by contacting London Blue directly via email

Ah, the Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia! It’s chock-full of beauty and wildlife between our magnificent mountains. Wildlife such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Batboy, Snarly Yow, Smoke Wolves or Dogman, Ogua, Snallygastor, Sheepsquatch, creepy cave dwellers, the Grafton and Flatwoods Monsters, along with who knows how many other undiscovered cryptids, still hide deep within our valleys and woods.

Discover a few with this booklet and go on an unusual journey.

2021 Book Releases


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All who have entered here may not turn back. You cannot leave through the door from which you came. The table has already been prepared before you. There will be prophecies, visions, and dreams. You will face the plagues, vixens, and demons that you have created and have become.”

Seven people mysteriously come together in a bar to answer for their life’s sins. Asher, their host is neither judge nor executioner, but he does hold the keys to their fate.

Will they find redemption, salvation in this area between heaven and hell or will they suffer something far worse than a brutal and agonizing death.

Asher awaits their arrival … will he someday hold your key?


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A deadly virus has invaded the world, taking lives and forcing people into isolation, but the collapse of sanity is the ultimate malady. Don’t stop the party for a dead body, and a teen girl fights to escape a hospital, flaying flesh survivalists, are just a few stories waiting to give you the creeps, but is the cure for it all in the ashes of the dead?

A book not just of dark entertainment but also meant to raise awareness of mental health issues during a pandemic.

Resources for assistance included.


This book originally published in 2016 is undergoing a facelift and revision and will be available soon.

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